What is Copyright?

"Creative work is to be encouraged and rewarded, but private motivation must ultimately serve the cause of promoting broad public availability of literature, music, and the other arts. The immediate effect of our copyright law is to secure a fair return for an 'author's' creative labor. But the ultimate aim is, by this incentive, to stimulate artistic creativity for the general public good."

-Twentieth Century Music Corp. v. Aiken, 422 U.S. 151, 156 (1975)

The Problem With Piracy

"In the world of copyright law, taking someone's intellectual property is a serious offense, punishable by large fines. In the real world, violations of copyright law over the Internet are so widespread and easy to accomplish that many participants seem to consider it equivalent to jaywalking--illegal but no big deal. But it is a big deal. Under U.S. law, stealing intellectual property is just that--stealing. It hurts artists, the music industry, the movie industry, and others involved in creative work. And it is unfortunate that the software being used-- called "file sharing", as if it were simply enabling friends to share recipes, is helping create a generation of Americans who don't see the harm."

-- Senator Levin, Senate Hearings on Piracy

Who We Are

We are a group of highly experienced affiliated counsel working to address online piracy on behalf of rights holders and content creators, including major motion picture producers.


What We Do

We work to permit rights holders to notify and address infringers, provide notice and education, and resolve claims in an efficient and cost effective manner.


Why We Work

We work with a number of producers and the highest quality analytical data to provide notice to actual infringers, and where necessary pursue litigation in court obtaining judgments and injunctions against persistent and willful infringers.


What Clients Say

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